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Brazilian-born artist Kito Tosetti’s artworks play with fluid abstractions digitally painted on pictures.

Kito has won many awards during his career including the First Latin American Biennial Honor Award.

Kito started exploring digital arts in 1988 in Brazil for his exhibition at the Museum of Image and Sound, MIS, in Sāo Paulo.​

Kito's artworks are part of many art collectors' collections such as the Biderman Collection, Givago dos Santos, Museum of Image and Sound amongst others.

  • 1984 – 11th Arts Hall for emerging artists at  Brazil United States Cultural Center SP

  • 1985 – Group exhibition at Spazio Pirandello “On the art of Olympic games” – Sao Paulo – Along with: Alex Fleming, Tuneu, Paulo Caruso and others

  • 1985 - 3rd Group Exhibition at  the DHL Cultural Space 

  • 1985 - Participated at the exhibition held at Bergamo's stand at FENAVEM alongside artists Antonio Peticov and Andre Peticov

  • 1986 - Columnist of the Year Award - best packaging set, designed with works by Kito Tosetti

  • 1987 - 5th Exhibition of Fine Arts Room – Rio Claro, SP

  • 1987- Bronze Medal awarded by the Association of Professional Plastic Artists of Rio de Janeiro, at the third art hall Armando Viana

  • 1987 - Batista da Costa Artistical Society, Plastic Arts Hall, Honorable Mention of the Second Winter Hall, Petropolis

  • 1987 - Municipality of Limeira (Collective) – 14th Contemporary Art Salon

  • 1987 – First prize of honor at the Bienal Latino Americana with exhibitions in Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and Montevideo (works published in the Latin American yearbook of plastic arts)

  • 1988 – Terra e Cor – group exhibition with Gloria de Souza at the Grounau gallery – Sao Paulo

  • 1989 MIS – Solo exhibition Unification curated by Ricardo Ohtake. The exhibition brought together paintings, soundtrack and computer graphics (digital art)

  • 1989 – Performance exhibition at the 20th Bienal de Artes de Sao Paulo with Rosi Gomes, Renata Lourençāo, Edson Evangelista and Claudia T. Cseri

  • 2015 – Elements, exhibition at the Andre Nudelman gallery – Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

  • 2021 – Tribalism, Sunshine Coast Art Crawl's exhibition, British Columbia, Canada

  • 2022 - Tribalism solo exhibition at Keith Jack Studio Gallery 

  • 1984 – 11th Salao de artes jovem centro cultural Brasil Estados Unidos - SP

  • 1985 – Coletiva Spazio Pirandello “Da arte dos jogos olimpicos” – Sao Paulo – Ao lado de: Alex Fleming, Tuneu, Paulo Caruso e outros

  • 1985 - 3o Mostra Coletiva Espaço cultural DHL 1985

  • 1985 - Convidado a participar da exposicao realizada no stand da Bergamo na FENAVEM ao lado dos artistas plasticos Antonio Peticov e Andre Peticov

  • 1986 - Premio colunista do ano – melhor conjunto de embalagens, desnhadas com obras de Kito Tosetti

  • 1987 - 5a Mostra de Salao de Artes Plasticas – Rio Claro, SP

  • 1987- Medalha de bronze conferida pela associacao de artistas plasticos profissionais do Rio de Janeiro, no tercerio salao de Artes Armando Viana

  • 1987 - Sociedade Artistica Batista da Costa, Salao de artes plastica, Mensāo honrosa do segundo salao de inverno, Petropolis 

  • 1987 - Prefeitura Municipal de Limeira (Coletiva) – 14o Salāo de Arte Contemporanea 

  • 1987 – Primeiro premio de honra da Bienal Latino Americana com expozicoes em Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires e Montevideo (obras publicadas no anuario latino americano de artes plasticas) 

  • 1988 – Terra e Cor – exposição coletiva com Gloria de Souza na galeria Grounau – Sao Paulo

  • 1989 MIS – Exposiçāo individual Unificação com a curadoria de Ricardo Ohtake. A exposiçāo reuniou pinturas, trilha sonora e computação grafica (arte digital)

  • 1989 – Exposição performatica na 20 Bienal de Artes de Sao Paulo com Rosi Gomes, Renata Lourençāo, Edson Evangelista e Claudia T. Cseri

  • 2015 – Elements, exposiçāo na galeria Andre Nudelman – Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada

  • 2021 – Tribalism, exposição promovida pela Sunshine Coast Art Crawl acontecerá em Outubro no studio e nas florestas de sua propriedade em Halfmoon Bay, British Columbia, Canada

  • 2022 - Tribalismo exposiçāo na Keith Jack Studio Gallery 

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